Assign Courses and Content

Your team members will breeze through assigned courses and other content because they can quickly see what they need to do. You'll feel confident that each and every team member knows their stuff


Instantly Assign any content to your team

No courses? No problem. If you don't have time to build courses right away, you can get started by uploading and sharing documents, files, videos, YouTube videos and more. Then instantly assign them to your users or add them to your library for quick access anytime.


Share your Library

Set up and control a Library of your most important info so it’s ready for your team to find it, even on their mobile phone or tablet. They are always 2-3 clicks from your, videos, PDFs, documents, courses and other resources—all categorized and visually organized for them to find. 


ExpandShare's Library is not a shared folder or dropbox—it's a completely controlled and curated read-only content collection designed to help your users get things done. It's perfect for learning resources, sales literature, service docs and more.

Web and Mobile Optimized

Your team can get trained right on their phone. ExpandShare is on the Web as well as native iOS and Android apps


Easy Course Builder

The easy-to-use course builder allows you to quickly make training courses. Create slides pages, add videos and images and ask questions. Use our Knowledge Check tool to let users review content and pass with flying colors.  No external software, no SCORM needed!

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A Report for Everything

Get dashboard metrics for your users. Tag specific items as training initiatives and track how your team is doing on each one. Get reporting on campaigns, courses, users and locations

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Locations allow you to "organize" your organization and track your set of districts, regions, locations, stores or business units. Permit location admins to review reports for their area. Use a separate set of groups to assign content by roles, job function or responsibility.

Initiatives let you tag and track any learning content to see results in areas—even sections within courses or individual library content.

Learning Tracks

Training is not a one-time event. Use Learning Tracks to present a training sequence to your users. Or use them to schedule out a release of content and refresher training over time. Track your team’s progress via Course or Initiative

ExpandShare Learning Campaings

It's Free to Try

Sign up for a test account. A solutions expert will help you get set up and running and if you like it, we'll set up a plan that works for your needs. 



“The feedback received from users across our 800+ (and growing) stores has been extremely positive. It's leading to changed beliefs and changed behaviors that will help drive our product and service consistency goals, and ultimately our growth objectives.”

Director of Learning and Development  Marco's Pizza

Director of Learning and Development

Marco's Pizza