Top 5 Reasons Why Your Training Needs to Be Online


There are plenty of reasons why your company has postponed revamping its training regime. (We’d list a few of them here, but we imagine you’ve already done it once or twice.) Regardless of your reasons, now is the time to re-focus your attention on getting training right. Waiting until something goes wrong (or continues to go wrong) will have costly consequences.

The good news is that updating your training is easier than you think when you take your training online. Here, we discuss five top reasons why you should go completely digital with your new training program.

  • It’s Cheaper: If cost is one of the big reasons you’ve put off hiring someone to do in-person training with your staff, here’s your answer. Online training is significantly more cost effective and can help increase productivity. Since you’ll be saving money by no doing in-person training, you can use it for other necessities that help your company excel. By saving you time and money, the cost of training suddenly doesn’t seem like such a big obstacle. 

  • It’s Less Time Consuming: Arguing you “don’t have time” to train your employees is less applicable to an online training program that decreases time away from work. More importantly, you don’t have to work around anyone’s schedule. eLearning lets you train your staff now if that’s what you need—as opposed to waiting to schedule your in-person training session. 

  • You’ll Know it’s Working: Perhaps you haven’t put as much emphasis on training lately because, well, the last time you did it, you couldn’t even tell if it worked. Online training allows you to track effectiveness so you’ll know that your employees are getting the necessary information out of the program. No more wondering if training really was worth the time spent. 

  • It’s Engaging: If a concern over engagement is one of the main reasons you’ve been hesitant to try eLearning, then it’s time to stop worrying. We’re sure your in-person trainers have been perfectly stimulating in the past, but interactive online training can be just as—if not more—engaging. eLearning allows trainees to progress at their own pace and create their own focused environment. With a high quality and fully interactive multimedia approach, your company training can replicate the next best thing to one-on-one training. 

  • It’s Flexible: The business world is changing. Often, you might find your employees don’t work in the same office, much less live in the same area. With telecommuting rising in popularity, eLearning allows companies to train their employees, while still catering to a flexible work environment. Training can happen when it needs to, where it needs to and for whom it needs to, without you having to worry about juggling dozens of schedules for one training event.

Your company has unique training needs, so you deserve a unique training experience. By working with Expand, you can have it. A lower cost training you can complete at any time that’s more engaging and will give you proof that it’s working—what more could you want?

Ready to see the difference that eLearning can make in your company? Schedule an assessment with us. We’ll assess your eLearning needs and you’ll assess how we can meet them.

Will Holland