Training Video Tips: Keep it Moving


Ever watch a typical talking head training video? Not for long, I'll bet. The days of viewers being interested by a stiff, single, head-and-shoulders shot with a blue back/hair light and the official training video fern in the background are gone.

These days you have to keep the camera or the subject moving. The proliferation of the steadi-cam, jib and crane shots in everything from sporting events to Muppet movies has spoiled the viewing audience with fluid swings and smooth fly-in shots, and elearning has to keep up with the trend to keep viewers connected.

Simple tricks like quick snap zoom cuts are easy to put together in post production and keep short attention spans content. Using a small jib to give slight “drift” to a shot, or as a fake steadi-cam, adds that certain something that holds attention. The content feels like it’s moving along faster, like it’s “going somewhere,” and the audience responds.