eLearning Theory and Practice


Training programs usually follow the time-honored tradition of starting with the theory or fundamental concepts of a subject–usually in a lecture style–followed by the application of these concepts.

College was like that. The tenured professor expounds at length on LaPlace's theorem, then a brilliant foreign graduate student makes you do late night exercises while all your friends are at the bar...

The problem is, the theory and the practice are intertwined, and often it's difficult to understand the precepts of the conceptual part until you see how they are going to be used in practice.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming recommends a good approach here. Try and present a practical framework first which gives students something to "hang their hats" on. Then teach the theory within that framework, and THEN reinforce it with additional practice and coaching.

eLearning is an especially good medium for this approach because you can skip back and forth and use visuals to reinforce the framework so easily.