Learning in the Modern Workplace [Infographic]

Between checking your work email on your phone before rolling out of bed, pulling out your iPad to sign on to your lunchtime video conference and IMing your co-worker two desks down when your caffeine kick is dying down in the afternoon, do you ever stop and think just how much the workplace has changed?

Seriously, think about it. Hotmail wasn’t around until 1996. Gmail hit the scene just a decade ago. And the tech devices we use for work today? Most weren’t around to see the Millenium. 

With this in mind, it’s not entirely surprising that how companies train today’s workers seems outdated. In-person classroom training, effective in training single-location environments where job tasks are simple and workdays are uniform, is proving to be highly ineffective (not to mention expensive) in the modern workplace.

For this reason, more companies are turning to eLearning. eLearning is projected to grow at a steady 23% per year through 2017. But as this infographic shows, it takes more to create and build an effective eLearning program than simply transferring current training materials into online formats.

Check out what it takes to make learning resonate in the modern workplace:


Will Holland