Improving the Service Experience: Effective Training for Field Reps


Roland DGA makes printers, cutters and engravers used for signs, vehicle wraps and other commercial products. They use a distributed team of dealer service engineers, which was effective in scale, but the company had problems getting an even service experience around the globe.

Goal One was to deliver consistent training out to the entire channel. The solution? An interactive, online, multimedia training they could all access from anywhere, including iPads. The program includes exams and certifications to help verify retention and motivate certified resellers.

Roland’s second problem was out of control warranty repairs. Service reps didn’t always have the skills, tools and knowledge to properly solve customer problems on-site. Reps were using a shotgun approach of ordering part after part, throwing money at the problem until it was fixed. This left Roland footing the bill for the unnecessary parts and labor time.

The solution was an innovative problem solver in the form of an interactive troubleshooting wizard. It walks service engineers through the process of diagnosing and verifying common issues with the printers and suggests optimal solutions to any given problem (which often doesn’t involve replacing expensive parts). And because it’s available on mobile devices like the iPad, the solution is easy to have on-hand at any job site.

Now Roland has a consistent service experience which they plan to extend worldwide on every printer they make, with an easy way to track and record it all from their California headquarters.