How to Convince Your Boss You Need New Training


Revamping a training program is one of those tasks that is much easier said than done. In addition to more time and money, change can be a difficult concept to accept—especially if your company’s training has been done one way for a long time. 

Yet as a manager, you’re pretty in-tune with the daily operations of your employees. You know when a change is needed. It’s more than a little frustrating to watch important and necessary training fall short year after year. Still, even though you know your company needs to adopt a new training method, how are you supposed to convince your boss to embrace the change? 

Since all bosses are different, we came up with a list of approaches for bringing up the need for new training. Try one, try a combination, but most importantly, just try. Your company needs an advocate for better training, and there’s no better time than right now. 

8 Strategies to Convince Your Boss You Need New Training

  • Get straight to the point. Your boss will be able to tell if you’re giving him or her the runaround, so be direct about what you want and why you want it. 
  • Highlight the benefits. As easy as it would be to discuss the failings of your current training, keep it positive and focus on the benefits of a new model. 
  • Crunch the numbers. Your boss is probably going to be concerned about the financial side of things, so have specific numbers ready to make your case.
  • Give the stats. Nothing makes an argument more convincing than demonstrating real life success, so find some statistics to back up your claims. 
  • Present a few options. Even if you have your heart set on one particular new training solution, bring a few options to the table so your boss won’t feel cornered with only one choice. 
  • Show the problem. If your boss denies your current training is ineffective, kindly ask him or her to sit through a session. It’s likely been awhile since they experienced the training first hand, so reminding him or her of the problems can highlight the need for a new solution. 
  • Demonstrate what could be. Provide a demonstration of a new model to show your boss what kinds of improvements could be made. 
  • Use employee feedback. If your employees are just as fed up with unsuccessful training as you are, use their feedback to show your boss how much they want to learn and apply their knowledge. Emphasize that the issues with your training aren’t related to unmotivated employees but inefficient learning methods. 

By taking the time to thoroughly present your case, you’ll show your boss how a custom eLearning program is well worth the money and effort. 

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Will Holland