How eLearning Makes Technical Tasks Engaging and Memorable


“You can’t teach that through eLearning. It’s too complicated.”

“I’d just feel better if an actual person was teaching this skill since it’s so intricate.”

“An online course can’t possibly explain this concept as well as an instructor.” 


These are statements that were much harder to argue with just a few years ago. We used to think there was no substitute for an in-person instructor for some levels of technical training. However, thanks to today’s advanced eLearning, you can take complicated learning online and make it more engaging and memorable. Even detailed tasks like service and repair that have traditionally only been taught in person can take advantage of eLearning opportunities.

As intimidating as it can be to give up in-person instructors, the many features and opportunities of advanced eLearning solutions can improve your employees understanding while also keeping them engaged. The right eLearning solution can capitalize on different learning scenarios and include engaging features that make the information easier to remember. Here’s how. 

5 Ways eLearning Can Effectively Teach Technical Tasks

  • With accessible and reviewable information: eLearning allows participants to go at their own pace, which eliminates the frustration and embarrassment that can come from having to ask an in-person instructor to repeat themselves.
  • With instructional videos: If a complicated technical task needs a visual, you can easily include a video in your training. Participants can watch and review it as many times as they need. For instance, if your employees need to learn how to assemble a new piece of equipment or watch a demonstration, a video can be the perfect addition to your training.
  • With animation: Sometimes a visual example is easier to create through animation than actual video footage. Animation can also lighten the tone of your training and further engage your employees with unique visuals.
  • With step-by-step simulations: Depending on the task, your eLearning can include simulations for guided practice that allow participants to practice a certain skill. Not only can you assess their competency, but the interactive practice helps make the information more memorable.
  • With infographics: Providing your employees with a visual summary of the information covered in training helps to break up the monotony of text and gives them a visual image to store in their memory. 

In-person instruction is time consuming and expensive. Plus, since in-person training typically takes place in a classroom setting, it is rarely one-on-one. With eLearning, your employees can get the benefit of personalized assessments and feedback. Even the most complicated of technical tasks can be simplified and thoroughly explained through effective eLearning. 

Still not convinced that eLearning fits your needs? Schedule a needs assessment and we’ll help you determine the best online training option for you.

Will Holland