Bite-Size or Micro eLearning: What It is & Why It Works


We’re living in the age of short attention spans. The age of multiple web browsers open at the same time. The age of checking your mobile device every few minutes. The age of skimming news articles and fast-forwarding through commercials.

Now, when it comes to your eLearning, the concept of a short attention span doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. In fact, society’s desire for quick and efficient information can work in the favor of your eLearning program—if you let it.

Previously, we discussed the difficulty in finding the right length for your training course. Today, we’re happy to introduce you to an option that might suit the needs of your busy employees to a tee: bite-sized or micro eLearning.

What is Bite-Sized or Micro eLearning?

In truth, it’s almost exactly what it sounds like: eLearning in a snackable size. Occasionally also referred to as “chunking,” Micro eLearning takes the problem with short attention spans and uses it to its advantage. Larger concepts are broken up into short and sweet lessons that can be easily accessed at a pace the learner chooses.

The digital aspect of eLearning plays perfectly into the desire for small, bite-sized components. Learners can choose which section to access on their schedule without having to commit to sitting through a lengthy program. Micro eLearning also makes returning to different concepts for review more manageable.

5 Reasons Micro eLearning Works

  • 1. It’s easier to remember. According to the Information Process Theory, our brains are meant to remember information in chunks. By breaking up your eLearning program into sections that make it more manageable, you aren’t just playing into your learners’ probability for distraction, you’re also helping their brains process the information in a way that is more likely to commit it to memory.
  • 2. It takes eLearning on the go. Just like communication and email has moved beyond “in the office” to “in the pocket,” eLearning is also more attractive when it can be accessed on your employees’ terms. Let’s say they have a 20-minute wait at the dentist’s office. Rather than waste that time scrolling through social media, they can get through an entire bite-sized lesson.
  • 3. It’s less intimidating. Finding a big chunk of time to sit through a training session can be overwhelming. However, asking them to take a few minutes “here and there” to complete their training is much less intimidating and creates a flexible atmosphere.
  • 4. It respects your employees’ busy schedules. Creating your eLearning in chunks shows your employees that you understand how busy they are. They’ll be more likely to complete their training without complaining when it fits into their lifestyle, instead of the other way around. 
  • 5. It avoids the issue of boredom. One of the biggest reasons your employees likely dread going through training is fear of being bored. By reducing the amount of time they have to pay attention at once, you can hold their attention and keep them engaged.

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Will Holland