8 Questions to Ask About Your Current eLearning


the good news: If your company is engaged in eLearning, you’re already ahead of numerous companies who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon. Here’s the not-so-good news: Just because you offer eLearning doesn’t mean that eLearning is effective.

Sure, in a perfect world, simply having an eLearning program would be all you needed to do. In reality, it’s not quite that easy. However, while having an effective eLearning program does require slightly more work, you probably don’t have too far to go. You’ve already conquered the biggest obstacle—adopting eLearning in the first place—so now we’re going to clue you in to a few questions you can ask to know if your current program is effective.

  • What does my target audience want? It might sound simple, but knowing your target audience allows you to create the type of eLearning courses that “speak” to them. If you aren’t addressing the answers and knowledge they seek, then the quality of your content won’t make a difference. Their need and interest levels comes first. 
  • Is my information approachable? No matter how high quality your content is, it won’t resonate with your employees if they don’t find your eLearning courses to be approachable. Presenting the information in a way that is easy to grasp will help to keep your learners engaged and focused. 
  • Are my courses visually interesting? The concept of eLearning presents a big aesthetic opportunity. While good visuals are certainly no replacement for good content, they can add a little something extra that enhances the learning experience and keeps employees interested. 
  • Is my course enjoyable and interactive? Including interactive elements in your eLearning courses helps to not only keep your employees engaged with the task at hand, but also can give the sense that they’re playing a “game.” Including follow-up questions, brief quizzes or learning games keeps eLearning interesting without having to sacrifice the necessary knowledge. 
  • Is the information relevant? Your employees aren’t going to be interested in your courses if they don’t see the relevance to their daily tasks. They want to feel as though their time and effort is worthwhile, so make sure the purpose of your eLearning is easy to discern. 
  • Is the course easy to access? Ease of navigation is particularly important for your employees who are more resistant to online learning. You don’t want your course to cause frustration, so be sure that each step of your course is easy to understand.  
  • Is my information out of date? If you’ve been using the same eLearning format for an extended period of time, you might want to make sure your information is still fresh and up to date. Presenting information that is no longer relevant with your industry will cause your employees to be skeptical of the quality of your content.  
  • Am I regularly seeking feedback and evaluating? Consistently monitoring the success of your eLearning program can keep you from wondering whether it’s effective. Seek feedback from your employees and evaluate the goals of your program against performance metrics. 

Taking the time to ask these questions and double check the standard of success for your eLearning is a great way to ensure you’re giving your employees every learning advantage.

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Will Holland