Why You Need an Employee Training Program


Successful restaurant chains like Chick-FIl-A® and The Cheesecake Factory® create their exceptional culture and service through structured training programs. So do the best-in-category restaurants everywhere.

Structured training, designed specifically for your restaurant, increases quality, efficiency and profitability within your organization.

Here are some of the reasons why implementing a training program should be a top priority at your restaurant:

Increasing Sales and Reducing Turnover

Training of servers, counter service bartenders, and other front of house staff can increase sales up to 144%. A well-trained employee is 3x more likely to stay, which reduces employee attrition rates and promotes retention.

Creating Consistency

New and existing employees need guidance. Creating a repeatable training process allows you to train staff the same way over time and without “winging it.” Scalability made easier.

Improving Quality

A well-designed training program helps mitigate risk for food safety issues and bad customer experience reviews.

Promoting Accountability

Through training, managers and employees can effectively ensure they are meeting company standards and policies.

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