3 Inefficient Learning Practices & Their Replacements


They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now, we’re not saying continuing to use inefficient knowledge practices is cause for a straight jacket…but it’s probably a good indicator it’s time to try something different. After all, what’s the point in devoting time, money and energy to training your employees if you aren’t seeing the results you want?

Time spent training your employees is already time spent away from their job duties. Naturally, you want this to be worthwhile. Fulfilling eLearning requirements shouldn’t just be a box your employees can check once they’ve gone through the motions. It should be an engaging, enriching and knowledge-expanding experience that better prepares them to perform on the job. All too often, we see companies caught up in what we’ll call “for the sake of it” employee training. They’re perpetuating outdated and ineffective methods simply to say training was completed regardless of whether it had any positive impact.

This is especially prevalent with ineffective eLearning. It’s easy to feel like your company is on the cutting edge if you’re simply using online training. However, we all know, when not done properly, online training can be just as unsuccessful as the old methods it was working to replace.

How about we say goodbye to inefficient learning practices once and for all? Here are three that we wouldn’t mind never seeing again. 

  • The Non-engaging Page Turner: Click. Click. Click. Your employees might continue to hit “next” in a PowerPoint presentation, but that doesn’t mean they’re absorbing the information in front of them. Without some level of engagement or interaction, “page turner” training isn’t likely to reach the large majority of your employees. While some might take the initiative to really delve into their learning, most will likely just be interested in completion “for the sake of it.” 

  • The One Size Fits All: Your employees are not all the same. They’re more likely to benefit from eLearning that values their individualism. More than just working alone at their own pace, a truly individualized solution needs to interact with the learner based on their performance. 

  • The Did It and Done: Without employing some level of assessment or comprehension check, your employees can easily do their training and be done with it. eLearning that promotes engagement with the material and interactive assessments are more likely to ensure concepts stick with themlong after they’re done clicking. 

You don’t want your training program to be just another day at the office. Instead, it should make your employees feel valued for the work they’ve done and motivated for the work they’re going to do.

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Will Holland