Using eLearning to Change Rep Behavior and Stop Revenue Loss


Marcolin is an international eyewear brand based in Italy that supplies designer eyeglasses to department stores, optometrists and shops all around the world. It might come as a surprise, but fashion eyewear is a BIG business, set to reach U.S. $96 billion globally by 2015.

Unfortunately, Marcolin had a problem. They were getting frames returned by their dealers at an astounding rate, costing millions in shipping, ordering and restocking every year. Marcolin’s representatives in the field send back frames for many reasons: Sometimes they go out of style, are discontinued, or they’re not selling a particular type of frame in the stores and want to free up space for the better selling designs. However, this process was really left up to the individual reps, who didn’t have an idea of the big picture or how much it was costing Marcolin.

After an internal study, Marcolin had a good idea of a number of ways they could reduce this return problem. They spent a lot of time doing research on their processes, market research on their products and evaluating their return procedures. They had good data and a way to fix the problem. What they didn’t have was a way to communicate it to their entire dealer network, which has reps in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

The solution: a custom online training that enabled them to send a consistent, easy-to-understand, and engaging message to their representatives. This eLearning communicated their newly-discovered methods and gave their individual reps a look at the big picture, supplying them with a better understanding of their return system and enabling them to make better decisions about their products and when and why to return them. So far, the training program, called “Turn the Return”, has saved Marcolin nearly $8 million in shipping, stocking, and ordering costs.