Why You Should Ask Questions & Survey Learners Within Your Learning Course


Pre and post-training surveys and questionnaires can give you a great deal of insight into what your employees need to know, how well your training course worked and what you should focus on next time. However, as helpful as these surveys can be, they don’t quite paint an accurate picture.


Knowing if your employees are properly trained to complete a job efficiently is important, regardless of industry or job responsibilities. Waiting until the end of a learning course to ask questions and survey learners often leads to missed opportunities. Instead, if you ask questions and provide short surveys within your course, you can gain a clearer understanding of where your employees stand.

But that’s not all. In fact, there are a number of other benefits that make asking questions throughout an even better choice.

Three Reasons to Survey Your Learners Within Your Learning Course 

  • You can make sure they’re paying attention. It will be much more difficult for your employees to daydream or lose focus during their learning course if they are consistently being prompted to answer questions and complete surveys. By making the training session interactive, you can help capture your learner’s attention longer and keep them more focused on the material at hand. They’ll learn more, and you’ll have more confidence that the learning course was a worthwhile investment. 

  • You can make sure they understand the material. Short assessments throughout your learning course will ensure certain concepts weren’t misunderstood. Even if your employees are paying attention, if they don’t understand the concepts as they’re explained, then you’re right back at square one in your training needs. By taking the time within your learning course to double check comprehension, you can make sure your employees are on the right track with the material. 

  • Learners can direct their training experience. Let’s say a concept was misunderstood. When your employees reach the end of a section and complete the short assessment, the gaps in their learning will become clear and can be handled immediately, as opposed to a post-training survey that would only reveal that information once it was too late. By identifying misunderstandings within the learning course, your employees can then be redirected back to the section they struggled with for more explanation. Their questions and answers can essentially direct the course, leading it to be more beneficial for all parties involved. You’ll know your employee has a strong understanding and they’ll get the training they need. 

However, that’s not to say that you should do away with pre and post-training questions. The feedback you receive from your employees at all stages of their training is helpful in assessing and redesigning your training for the next batch of learners. Beyond simply gaining a more complete understanding of the process behind your learning course, asking questions throughout gives you the benefit of engaging your employees, checking their understanding and allowing them to have some control over their learning experience.

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Will Holland