Should I Outsource My Interactive Development?


No matter if you’re looking to update outdated training methods or to create supplemental materials for current online learning, interactive eLearning content is proven to make training more engaging and effective. Once you’ve determined interactive content is, indeed, where your future training lies, you’ll soon find yourself answering an all-important question: Can we develop it in-house, or should we outsource?

It’s a question you need to take seriously, not only because your answer will affect the final product, but also because, no matter what you choose, you’ll more than likely need to justify your decision to the people holding the purse strings. To help you better decide, we’ve compiled a few reasons why your company should consider outsourcing interactive development for your eLearning.

You Don’t Have the Talent

Ooh, that sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But don’t take offense: We promise we’re not saying the developers at your company are inept or bad at what they do. What we’re really getting at is they may not have the precise expertise needed to deliver the interactive eLearning course you need to achieve your training goals. An outside eLearning company, on the other hand, specializes in projects of this scope, which means you’ll get the expertise you need.

On the other hand, perhaps you really don’t have the talent. As in, you would have to hire new people just for this particular project. Finding the most qualified and experienced people takes significant time and money. And we’re not talking mere salary costs; we’re talking long-term investments in health, happiness and wellbeing.  

You Need it Done Quickly

Once you determined interactive eLearning was the best solution for your company’s training needs, did you get the feeling the project had to be done, like, tomorrow? You’re not alone. When training is pinpointed as the underlying factor to whatever problems companies are experiencing, most feel the pressure to fix it ASAP. 

Any in-house talent your company has that could work on the project isn’t sitting idly by. No, they’re more than likely up to their eyeballs in work for various departments throughout the company. If you approach them with a project as in-depth and hands-on as yours, you could be looking at a lengthy wait time simply to begin the project, let alone finish it. In contrast, an outside agency will work feverishly to meet your deadlines.

You Want a Dedicated Team

If you’re new to the interactive eLearning realm, you’re going to have a lot of questions about how exactly the process works and how long it’s going to take to finish your project. If your in-house team is inexperienced, you’ll be left without the guidance you need to make your project a success. (And you’ll be left second-guessing if what the in-house team is producing is up to snuff on eLearning best practices.) 

An experienced, dedicated eLearning company will work closely with you to answer any questions you have throughout the development process. The outside company’s experts will continuously pitch new, creative ideas to fine-tune the final product to better satisfy your needs and wants. And they’ll continue working with you after your project is complete to fix any bugs or improve upon poor performing content.

Ultimately, if you decide to pursue working with an outside company, remember to do your homework. Outsourcing your eLearning interactive development is less expensive than hiring and nurturing talent in-house, but only if you choose the right company the first time around. Always check out a company’s work to see if it’s experienced in creating work similar to what you want, and always talk to the people who work there to get the best feel for if the company has a similar culture. 

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Will Holland