What You Get with ExpandShare


Organizations that make knowledge freely accessible to their employees and team members produce more, spend less and achieve far superior results. ExpandShare delivers the knowledge employees need to operate their organizations properly.

A Highly Educated, Efficient Team

Save time. Upgrade quality. Reduce costs. Increase sales. Improve safety. No matter your goals, you know the answer lies in how you train or educate your team. And you know eLearning is the best solution to help meet those goals. eLearning is scalable, available any time and saves on travel expenses and other in-person training costs.

But what you may not yet realize is that eLearning is an ongoing process that only begins in training. Expecting users to retain every morsel of knowledge shared with them in training is a losing proposition. You can’t achieve your goals if you allow learning to stop when training ends.

ExpandShare delivers tools like job aids and checklists as well as documents and resources to fully educate your team in an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. The software also allows you to enhance team learning through sharing and posting Q&As, comments and other information. ExpandShare doesn’t just enhance your ability to provide knowledge and education to your team, it gives them the ability to educate themselves.

Improved Processes and Safety

Relying on team members to recall mass amounts of information on demand limits your organization’s ability to compete and grow, especially if they perform complicated, detailed or multi-step processes. And poorly performed tasks and skipped steps do more than hurt your bottom line: For some organizations, they can put your team at risk for injury.

Mobile learning process tools link complicated or vague tasks with instructional materials and knowledge items that illustrate critical steps with custom tutorials, instructional videos, how-to materials or other interactive job aids. This gives users the ability to refresh their learning at the exact moment they need it.

Use ExpandShare’s tracking and reporting features to ensure processes are completed on time and correctly. Look at specific users or groups to see which knowledge items are visited most frequently.

Measurable Results 

Formal learning and even traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) offer little in terms of tracking training’s effectiveness. And assessments they do feature do not accurately show how a person will perform on the job.

ExpandShare has robust reporting capabilities designed to give admins and instructors the information they need to know about how well their teams understand learning material now and how they perform on the job over time. Want to know which of your teams is most successful performing a particular process? Need to understand which training modules are most effective? View this data in both aggregate and granular detail right down to the individual team members with ExpandShare.

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Will Holland