Why eLearning? [Infographic]


At some point, we’ve all sat through a training class. Tell me if you disagree, but they’re awfully boring, aren’t they? It’s impossible to focus for hours at a time, the temperature of the room is never comfortable, and so much information is thrown at you it starts to go in one ear and out the other.

Bottom line, it’s just not effective. However, so many organizations rely on in-person, classroom training to address—and hopefully solve—all sorts of issues. Productivity is low? It’s a training issue. Operating expenses creeping a bit high? We need more training. Money is spent pulling employees out of their job to sit them in a classroom, and then it’s expected that the problem will improve. Maybe it’s not even known what to expect, but the gut tells us more training is needed.

eLearning can actually achieve the desired results, and can be measured to tell whether it’s working. Take a look at this infographic to better understand why eLearning is the most effective method of training employees.

Will Holland