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microTuneUp solves big problems using targeted microlearning. Increase sales, improve quality, save costs and ensure safety.

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microTuneUp is a microlearning platform used to solve targeted problems and refresh employees on key information. Here's how it works: 

  • Your employees get an indvidualized link to the microTuneUp.
  • They take a quick assessment. If they pass, they’re done. 
  • If not, they view a bite-sized refresher training. 
  • Then they take the assessment again to make sure they've got it. That’s it!

You create campaigns of these one-minute microTuneUps to guarantee your entire population knows mission critical information. Repeat as necessary.

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Knowledge is perishable—it has a limited shelf life. Your employees will forget more than 90 percent of what they learn in initial training within one month.  Don’t let your employees forget!  Because if you don’t reinforce your training, it will impact sales, food cost and food safety. microTuneUp re-trains and verifies employees on your most important topics.

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microTuneUp measures the impact of the training from the start. At the heart of every error your employees make is a core set of people who “didn't know”.  microTuneUp immediately finds out how many of your employees really didn't know.  And then it fixes the problem. The platform shows you how big that knowledge gap was and how much it has improved.

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Engage your employees

Save costs

Improve your health rating

Boost sales

Improve consistency

Reduce training time

Teach millenials

Eliminate big problems

Tune-Up is incredibly affordable 

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The feedback received from users across our 700+ (and growing) stores has been extremely positive. The platform is leading to changed beliefs and changed behaviors that will help drive our product and service consistency goals, and ultimately our growth objectives.

Rod Sanders, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Marco's Pizza

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