Inspect your stores,
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Store Audit helps uncover critical problems so you can improve brand consistency, increase sales, save costs and ensure food safety.

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Software as a Service, works on any device

ExpandShare Store Audit is a software tool used to solve key problems of consistency from store to store in your organization.  Here's how it works:

  • Auditors log in on any mobile device
  • They choose the store to audit
  • Fill out the easy-to-use checklist
  • Submit. Done.

Auditors can be anyone in your organization, including Area Managers, Franchise Owners, Secret Shoppers—it's up to you.

As the audits accumulate, you can view sophisticated reports on your entire store hierarchy and see the history of each locations performance.


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If you don't keep tabs on your locations, they can start to underperform. Maybe it's a lack of consistency or quality. It could be issues of cleanliness or infrastructure, safety or food safety issues.

Give your management team the tools they need to audit and inspect your franchise or organization. Easy-to-use on any mobile device—no special software needed.

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As part of your set-up, we will create your entire store hierarchy, customized for your organization. Have both company and franchise stores reporting to a single area manager? No problem. We'll slice it up in exactly the way you think about your company

Then view the audit performance of your stores in a list view, or better yet, on a map and view problem areas by region or state.

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Improve Consistency

Boost Quality

Standardize Procedures

Predict Trouble

Increase Safety

Improve Infrastructure

Assure Cleanliness

Enhance Brand

And much more ...


ExpandShare is helping us build, deliver, and measure corporate training in a way that represents a true paradigm shift for Marco's Franchising. We now have the ability to directly influence, impact, and evaluate behavioral change in ways we have never been able to do previously. From direct observation Performance Audits that measure step-by-step compliance with product and service standards to our new feedback/action-plan centric Store Visitation Inspections, we feel that we are now on the leading edge of behavioral based performance improvement in our industry.”

Rod Sanders, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Marco's Pizza

Guarantee Consistency Across All Locations

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