Let us do the heavy lifting.

We can build out certifications and training courses for you. Our content team has years of experience helping restaurants turn their shoulder-to-shoulder training and manuals into modern, online training programs.


This is an example Steps-of-Service course created for a 7 location operation


If we build it, they will come.

Let us take your existing paper training materials and turn them into online tools and courses. Our team of restaurant experts, instructional designers, graphic designers writers, video pros and animators will make a final product that you’ll be proud to show your team and new hires.

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There are three types of content we can build for you:


Shoulder-to-Shoulder Checklists and Observational Checks


What are Checks?

Checks are an ExpandShare feature—trackable checklists that can be used to track shoulder-to-shoulder or “shadow” training to make sure all the material is covered. They are also used during “reverse shadowing” or observation to make sure the trainee performs the tasks correctly.

Ready to launch in less than a week.

Checks can be built quickly. We will spend a day or two going through your current training materials. If you are starting from scratch, we interview you to get your processes out of your head and formalize them. The whole process takes about a week from the time we get all of the source content from you.


Training Course Videos

The best way to train on fundamentals and skills for restaurant staff


We handle everything for you.

We do an initial call with you, gather your materials and interview your key subject matter experts. Then we write a script, read it through and make sure we are covering everything. Meanwhile, our design team creates a cool look and feel and suggests photos that we need—if you don’t already have images you can take them on your phone.

Then we shoot our on-screen narrator and animate the whole thing into a finished, professional piece in just a few, short weeks.

High quality, reasonable price

We want you to be successful with online training, so we offer this custom course creation service for just a few hundred dollars per course. Check out the full Course Menu for more pricing info.


Job Aids

Valuable resources to reinforce training


What is a Job Aid?

Job Aids are reference materials that are used by employees to remember important information. You should consider creating job aids for every key piece of knowledge you want your staff to remember and use.

Easy to create, easy to share

Job Aids are easy to create, especially since they represent just a single chunk of content for your users. We can design and write job aids for things like sales techniques, menu items, key processes and other information that you want to reinforce. If we are already doing training courses for you, these are a great addition to help you reinforce the training if you start to see performance slipping over time.

Job Aids we create are placed directly in your ExpandShare library ready for your staff to use as a reference, and ready for you to assign out as a post anytime.


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