A staff development platform designed for restaurant operators

How do you know your employees are all trained correctly? We have an app for that.




The largest franchises use online training tools. So should you.

Make sure that everyone is trained and ready—right from your phone or laptop.
Check out the benefits:


Staff development while you sleep.

Employees can access information on the web, or on their devices, anywhere, and at any time. Content can be created and updated instantly—for everyone.


Always know what’s going on.

With software you can easily train, check and verify new employees, at any location. Use online tools familiar to employees to keep them up to date and current.


Get rid of the paper.

A platform means no need for paper-based manuals, training checklists, tests or training guides.


Instant info in their back pocket.

Since all your info can be found in one central online location, employees can be more self-reliant and find the information they need to do their job.


Consistent training.

Make sure each new team member is getting the same, right information every time. Live training relies on trainers, so their approach may vary or change over time or from trainer to trainer. Make sure your message is hard-coded.


Save time and money.

Shoulder-to-shoulder training costs a lot of time and money. Maximize the time your trainers spend with new employees by doing pre-requisite training online.

ExpandShare is uniquely designed for restaurants.

It includes features created specifically for restaurant operators to train and develop their front- and back-of-house staff. It’s not a corporate LMS or content management system. ExpandShare is a complete solution for managing onboarding training, delivering eLearning and knowledge checks, sharing a library of resources and sending posts and training updates to keep current staff up to speed. Not to mention the reporting that every owner or GM needs to manage all their locations and concepts.


Everything you need in one app.

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Training Checks

You’re probably doing shoulder-shoulder or shadowing training now. How are you tracking it? Did they cover everything? Did the new employees get it? Training checks allow you to formalize and manage your onboarding process. They also allow you to check performance over time. Observe employees and verify they’re up to standard.


Online Courses

Build and assign online courses effortlessly with our course tools—no third party software needed. Add videos, text, graphics and images to create an easy-to-understand program for your new employees. Use knowledge checks to make sure they understand and pass the course.


Resource Library

Share a curated, organized set of resources that your staff needs to do their job. From HR documents to station maps to reference videos and menu item information. It’s all there, right on the phone. Plus you can permission the library by role and by concept or location so employees see only the information they need.


Posts and Announcements

Keep your team up to date with posts that appear in their feed. There are basic announcements as well as specialized templates for pre-shift meetings, new menu items and more. Include photos and videos to highlight your points. Staff development is not a one-time event, it’s an ongoing process.


Assignments and Certifications

You can assign by role and location, even down to the individual. Roll up your assignments into certifications to make it easy to track levels of knowledge and perfomance. Use Learning Tracks to lay out a set of courses to develop your staff over time.


Reporting and Analytics

ExpandShare allows you to set up your hierarchy right from the start, including multiple locations, multiple concepts and and as many front and back-of-house roles as you need. Then view easy-to-read reporting right on your phone to see how each one is doing. More advanced reporting on the Management Console in the web app allows you to drill down into detailed reporting about your assignments and employee performance.

Monthly Subscription Pricing


$149 per month for up to 100 users.
$1.49 per month for each additional user.

We charge a $199 One-Time Setup Fee to get started. This helps cover the cost of your dedicated Training Advisor who will work with you to get your site up and running.


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