Invite Team Members

    • Add team members individually, or all at once
    • Your team receives an invite to set up their account 
    • Or use team codes which you can post and users can be instantly assigned to groups and teams
    • Organize users into groups which are used to assign content to team members with similar roles or training needs

    Upload any type of Content

    • Upload any kind of content for sharing in your library
    • Content in the Content Manager is ready to Instant Assign to your users
    • Or construct courses from library content

    Instantly Assign any Content or Course

    • Instantly assign any content to your team
    • Assign to groups or individual users
    • Great for sending out "stream of consciousness" information, specials, limited offers, etc.

    Create Campaigns of Courses or Content

    • Group content and courses into campaigns to assign to your users
    • Assign content out over time
    • Create refresher training campaigns to keep users up to speed
    • Track and report on completions

    Reports and Dashboards

    • Main dashboard overview of activity and completions
    • Report on Course, Campaign, Instant Assignments
    • Drill down to see individual performance of team members
    • Use Initiatives to track reporting across different courses and content