About Expand


Our Mission

At Expand, our mission is simple. We seek to improve the business outcomes of the organizations we serve through online staff development and training, knowledge sharing and reporting.

Expand has been in business since 2008, formed from a core team that has been doing online learning technology since 1999. The company has offices in Cleveland-Akron, Ohio and Charleston, South Carolina.


We have a team of professionals in eLearning content and software development. The content team has specialists in scripting, instructional design, video, audio, graphic design and front end development.  

Our programming team includes a core set of app developers for both web and mobile, specializing in Python, Django, Angular, JS, JSON, iOS and Android.

Products and Services

  • ExpandShare Knowledge Sharing and Learning Platform

  • eLearning Content Development

  • Customized Software Development

  • Audits, Checklists, Workflow and custom software tools

Our software platform, ExpandShare, is a custom-designed proprietary learning system engineered to deliver and track content quickly and easily on both web and mobile.

The Problems We Solve

Many organizations struggle with onboarding employees—it's challenging to teach core company values in the face of high turnover. They also struggle with re-training and making sure that training sticks.  

We help identify those problems and provide eLearning and verification tools to help solidify consistent brand experience, improve quality, increase sales and improve safety.

We also help sales and service organizations track checklists, processes and documents using mobile technology. We help make key resources available at the the right place and time—key information like product sheets, sales materials and demos.  We also create and track checklists and forms which provide key data for sales and service organizations, including mission-critical companies like utilities.

On the back end, we provide both standard and customized reporting and analytics to help companies align business goals with their training and process management solutions.  We also create custom integrations with outside systems for things like single sign-on, integrated reporting and dashboards.

Contact Us

Toll Free: (877) 228-4860
Email: info@expandshare.com


Northeast Ohio Office
4040 Embassy Pkwy, Ste 180
Akron, OH 44333
(330) 752-7902  

4040 Embassy Pkwy, Ste 180 Akron, OH 44333

Charleston Office
455.5 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 303-9108

455.5 King Street Charleston, SC 29403