Why Most Custom eLearning Solutions Fail


Dazzled by the benefits of eLearning? What’s not to like about getting the most bang for your development and training bucks? But those who have been around the eLearning block know that a large number of custom eLearning solutions simply don’t deliver on their promise. Here, we discuss how to cleverly sidestep some of the most common pitfalls.

1. Keep Your Eye on the ROI

Many eLearning projects fail to launch for one simple reason: lack of clearly defined business goals. The goals of your custom eLearning solution must be aligned with the strategic business goals. If there is no specific business need being met by the training, it’s more likely to fizzle out.

2. Support your Staff

Half your staff moonlights for Google. The other half couldn’t navigate its way out of a brown paper bag. It’s critical to provide enough support for learners to guide them through the learning process. And don’t forget to consider their previous knowledge and experience levels. The end result is a better training experience for your staff and a better management experience for you.

3. Show Me the Money

Sure, eLearning offers economies of scale and flexible scheduling, but don’t expect to have a good training program designed for virtually nothing. A well funded training budget is one of the most important pieces of the training puzzle. This is especially true during tight economic times when training and development dollars are the first to be squeezed.

4. Use It or Lose It

Ensure that the training focuses on elements that are going to be used, and are an integral part of the employees’ work. Learning loss occurs when there are extended gaps between training activities and putting that knowledge into use. Employees will be more engaged when they see the relevance of their training, especially if it can generate immediate results.

5. Get Your Boss to Buy In

It’s important to have your company leaders invested in training and development. If you don’t have management support, you’ll have your back against the wall on everything from budgets to training hours. And without the boss to back you up, we all know how those projects end up…

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