Why It Pays to Outsource your Custom eLearning


The good news is that your boss is excited about eLearning. The not-so-good news? He’s really excited about eLearning. He wants you to put together a complete training program for the engineering teams. Of course, the salespeople need their own training modules. Oh, and maybe something for the support staff would be nice, too. While you try to rein in his enthusiasm, you wonder where you’re going to find the time – or the resources – to handle this enormous project.

In comes outsourcing, galloping white knight style to your rescue. eLearning lends itself especially well to outsourcing so you can focus on your core competencies while vendors like us here at Expand take care of non-essential business processes and capabilities.

Focus on your firm

This is the main reason firms consider outsourcing. The vendor pays attention to the core tasks of your training function, and provides high quality training modules and service. In the meantime, you can focus on your organization and its business.

Cost savings

You reduce fixed costs by letting a firm with eLearning expertise do the work. Ideally, you should outsource to a firm that has eLearning development as its core business, which means that it is well set up to deliver eLearning products.

Team scalability

You can “hire” a team of 5 or 50 people to put together your training needs without actually hiring (or firing) it. Need to fast-track a project, or have multiple training projects? No problem. A professional eLearning firm can add more people as necessary, and take them off the project once it has been completed.

Cutting-edge solutions

A reliable firm with eLearning expertise should have innovative products and services. You don’t have to rely on your internal team to come up with solutions, but can rely on your vendor.

Now that we’ve got you excited, here’s more good news. Find out how you can minimize training budgets, maximize your results and create amazing custom eLearning solutions for your team.

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Will Holland