What You Really Need to Streamline Sales Training


The benefits of investing better sales training are vast. From higher return on investment to shaping better employees who stay longer, there’s little reason not to explore the possibilities for streamlining sales training. But between your employees, outside managers and company higher-ups, everyone has their own idea of how to streamline sales training. So how do you know what you really need for more engaging and effective sales training?

Here, we discuss four things vital to streamline sales training and grow your team’s success.

The Right Tools

Sales is constantly evolving. New tools and channels and a changing sales funnel have dramatically altered how your team should connect with prospects. So why is it the resources you use to train them have not? In-person training is costly, and traditional video or webinar-based training practically encourage learners to tune out.

To make your training more efficient, you must keep an open mind about how the training will look and the tools you’ll use to deliver it. Companies today are increasingly opting for  and short, interactive training sessions learners can complete at their individual pace and on their own devices. 

The Right Feel

Sales is unique from any other department within your company not only in what you do but who your people are. Get your learners to pay attention to training by giving it the right feel. Tailor learning materials to speak how your team speaks. Choose visuals and examples that will best connect with them. Don’t just teach your salespeople: captivate them.

Relevant Learning Material

Too often, managers will ask their employees to familiarize themselves with all company training materials. And while it’s good for salespeople to know the ins and outs of the department and the company eventually, bombarding new hires with this material will do little to help them reach competency quickly.

For streamlined training, you need to find a way to deliver the most relevant learning materials to the right people. In other words, you’ll need to segment your audiences (whether by position, product/service sold, years of experience, etc.) to deliver learners the most valuable and worthwhile training experience.

Learning Reinforcement

If learning is not reinforced, it will not stick. If you manage a small team, you can reinforce training by giving personal attention to each salesperson; however, in larger companies, this one-on-one attention simply isn’t attainable.

What you really need is a central learning hub or tool your salespeople can easily reference to find materials and reinforce skills they learned in training. Ideally, this tool will still include a social element so salespeople can ask questions and interact with you, the manager, as well as fellow salespeople.

Streamlining your sales training takes time and dedication. It also takes the right partner to help you create relevant, engaging learning material and the right tool for training delivery and reinforcement. Expand tackles the issues, challenges and frustrations of training head-on with engaging interactive content and customizable eLearning software that creates an ongoing development process. 

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Will Holland