US Foods Helps Restaurants Find Success

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Starting up a restaurant is hard. Running a restaurant is hard. Being successful and realizing the dream of every restaurant owner is even harder. Many owners have grand dreams and a good concept with tasty recipes, but it can be difficult to turn those basic elements into a successful enterprise.


Enter US Foods, who has been helping restaurants everywhere be successful. The company has a corps of Restaurant Operations Consultants (ROCs) standing by to help restaurants learn the ins and outs of making great food and making good money doing it. 

There are more than 80 ROCs covering every region in the US. So if you’re a restaurant owner looking for some solid advice, reach out to these folks.  Their services are available to any US Foods customer, and you can reach out to them at the ROC Page on the US Foods site

In addition, US Foods has a set of Value-Added Services partner companies, including every aspect of the industry from scheduling to marketing, liquor control to e-commerce.  These partners help provide the right tools to raise profits and lower costs.

Full disclosure, ExpandShare is one of the Value-Added Services partners, helping restaurants on the training front with our Restaurant Ready software and other tools for restaurants.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Value-Added Services program, you can find out more on their site.  It’s free to sign up! 

Will Holland