Let's Face It. Training Has Some Scary Skeletons in the Closet

You know it’s true. Long before training professionals knew what we know today (and had cool technology to make our wildest ideas come to life) we were still producing training videos. Bad ones. And what better way to celebrate Halloween than by grabbing a handful of candy corn and watching a few awesomely bad relics from corporate trainings past. Grab a seat!

Pizza Hut

Now you know why you may have received bad service in the past. Hanging up the phone and throwing pizza boxes at coworkers? Sure! It also fails to connect with the viewer in what surely was the intended way. The overacting of the cast makes it impossible to take the characters seriously.

Pier 1

The narrator in this video nails everything that’s wrong with this video, so we’ll just let him do the talking.

1950s Office Safety

Like vintage advertising, we’ve got a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for this one, but it’s hysterical nonetheless. The over-the-top, unrealistic and carefully staged scenarios used to educate viewers on office safety are too good to be true.


“Remember, we serve 100% pure ground beef!” Apparently, fast food ingredients were in question even in the 1980s. But the best stuff is around the 4-minute mark. In fact, Wendy’s might deserve an award for Best Worst Employee Training, with gems like Hot Drinks and its follow-up, Cold Drinks, clearly inspired by Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul, respectively. Points for cultural relevancy?

National Association of Music Merchants

Every so often, a familiar face will appear in old employee training videos. Take this one featuring the one and only Conan O’Brien.

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Also, have a safe and spooky Halloween, from all of us at Expand!

photo credit: ElDave

Will Holland