The Perfect Match: How to find the right Custom eLearning Solution Provider


Congratulations! You’re ready to embrace all the benefits of outsourcing.

It’s true that eLearning lends itself especially well to outsourcing. But how do you go about finding the perfect provider? There are huge firms competing with shoestring operations and freelancers in the same space. Even on a good day, it appears like half the online world is swarming with people trying to separate you from your HR budget dollars.

First steps to getting the right custom elearning solution

Figure out exactly what you want to outsource. Ideally, you should outsource to a firm that has eLearning development as its core business. Many firms specialize in specific types of training, so if your requirements line up perfectly with their strengths, congratulations. This could be a match made in outsourcing heaven.

Do your homework

Before you choose a firm, here are some questions to which you need answers:

  • Is the course accredited?
  • Are the trainers certified?
  • How many people have they trained?
  • How extensive is the syllabus?
  • How are concepts taught?

Speaking of homework, take a look at The University of Southern California’s readiness checklist for its faculty. The goal here was to ensure that the online course provides an educational experience that meets the same academic standards as the regular program.

What next?

Before you get ready to march down the aisle, you’ll need to put together a list of requirements and interview some eLearning providers. Look for testimonials and references from other companies that have used the firm. A quality eLearning firm will be able to discuss your learning objectives, show you demos and styles and quote the project accurately. After that, you can start negotiating. And finally (drum roll, please) the moment we’ve all been waiting for: choosing the right match.

Life after you say I do

The firm will work with you to develop a training program geared to the different levels and needs of your team. It’s your vendor’s job to provide you with a fully-developed, easy to use curriculum. And a good firm won’t leave you in the lurch after the training is complete. Typically, it will offer support after training, as well as follow-up training and evaluations.

Find out how you can outsource your online training to a firm that has eLearning as its main focus.

Will Holland