The Fundamentals of eLearning Tracking (Part 1 of 3)


The number of advantages eLearning has over in-person, webinar, DVD or CD-based learning is greater than the tasks found on most people’s “honey do” lists. But there’s one advantage of online learning that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the ability to track and report various learning metrics. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t entirely sure if they’re tracking the right metrics.

This blog kicks off a three-part series that examines tracking in eLearning today. Here, we answer why eLearning tracking so darn important anyway.

Why is Tracking Important in eLearning?

It’s no secret the success of an organization relies on the people who comprise it. Your employees are your most vital asset, which is why you should invest in them by providing engaging and memorable training experiences.

Tracking these experiences is important for three main reasons:

  • Improve Training Program: Investing in new training can be pricy. By being able to see exactly where people lose interest or where they struggle to understand the material, you can make appropriate adjustments without trashing the entire program.
  • Ensure Relevance of Material: Everyone learns differently and at different paces. In addition, how you train a new employee in your Dallas, TX, office should be different than how you share new information with a senior employee in your New York City office. When you can track learner demographics and progress, you can segment training material accordingly.
  • See How Learners are Progressing: The real purpose of tracking learning experiences—or at least the reason why most organizations are interested in tracking—is to a.) ensure employees are actually completing the training and b.) gain a comprehensive view of how your learners are progressing on an individual basis, in groups or as a whole.

Using almost any of today’s top online training systems, you can get a real-time view of the activity taking place within the system. And while it’s true you want to know training is relevant and worthwhile and that people are actually getting it done, what you should really be searching for is how your training is affecting change throughout the organization.

Will Holland