The Benefits of Sharing After-Training Service & Repair Materials


Even the most thorough and engaging training isn’t going to stick with you forever. As nice as it would be to instantly commit everything you learn directly to memory, we all know learning doesn’t work that way. Your employees could pay as close attention as possible to their training and they would still probably need a little refresher from time to time.

And that’s okay. You want your training to encourage lifelong learning and—thanks to after-training materials—you can do just that. By sharing these materials on an iPad after training is complete, you let your employees know that they don’t need to stress to remember everything they’ve just learned. Giving them a point of reference takes some of the intimidation factor out of training.

Sharing after-training service and repair materials has other benefits, too. In fact, here are five of them:

  • 1. Reduced work time. Rather than spending their time trying to remember something they learned in training or attempting to look it up on the sea of company materials, your employees will have what they need easily on hand. This can increase work time efficiency and reduce frustration out in the field. 
  • 2. Reduced errors. If your employees are feeling the pressure to get a job done, they might attempt to make an educated guess when a problem arises. When they aren’t sure about a process or procedure and don’t have any reference materials to double-check their instincts, they might find themselves facing unnecessary errors. 
  • 3. Better customer satisfaction. Your customers will be happiest when the job is done right the first time. Sharing after-training materials with your employees gives them the information they need to keep customers happy. 
  • 4. Saved time. Not only can having after-training materials on hand help reduce work time, it can also reduce future training time by helping concepts stick the first time around. When your employees can put what they learned in training into practice, they’re less likely to need refresher courses down the line. 
  • 5. Saved money. Thanks to all of the previous benefits, you can also save your company money by sharing after-training materials. With improved efficiency, reduced errors, happier customers and less of a need to invest in further repeat training, you can reduce unnecessary training costs. 

We’ve heard a few different negative reactions to providing materials after-training. Some supervisors think giving employees an easy reference will make them less likely to pay attention in training. As far as we’re concerned, this won’t be a problem if your eLearning is as actively engaging as it can and should be. In fact, we’ll go so far as to suggest that sharing after-training materials could even make your employees more focused on their actual training. The safety net of the materials can take the pressure off of remembering everything in the moment.

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Will Holland