The Benefits of Investing in Better Sales Training


Since your first day as a sales manager, you’ve worked hard to uncover how you can help your team make bigger and better sales. You’ve examined your department’s inefficiencies, but no matter the problem, there always seems to be one underlying culprit: training.

Research shows most sales training is ineffective. In fact, up to 80 percent of new skills are lost within one week of training if they’re not used. With statistics like this in mind, you’ve been researching what you can do to improve sales training within your company. What you’ve found is improving your sales training—and I mean really improving your sales training—involves finding the right partner to help you create relevant, engaging learning material and the right tool for training delivery and reinforcement. Much to your chagrin, neither of these things come cheap. 

In order to get the go-ahead, you’re really going to have to sell this project to your boss. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of the top benefits of investing in better sales training:

Yield a High Return on Investment

  • Better trained salespeople make more and bigger sales. Period.
  • The more relevant and engaging our sales training is, the quicker you can get new hires up to required competency levels to begin selling.
  • Thorough training now means fewer selling mistakes and increased productivity later.
  • By investing in eLearning, you can eliminate travel and instructor expenses and reduce time our employees spend away from their desks.

Better Track the Effectiveness of Training

  • eLearning software allows you to see when a trainee views or opens training, what he is doing once logged into the system, how he is moving through the material and how long it takes him to complete his courses—all of which creates greater accountability among employees.
  • By being able to see exactly where people lose interest or struggle to understand the material, you can easily make appropriate adjustments.
  • The right tools will help you organize and deliver the most relevant learning materials to the right people, giving learners the most valuable and worthwhile training experience.

Shape Better Employees Who will Want to Stay Longer

  • Improving the look, feel and delivery of your training will give new employees a better initial impression of our company.
  • Providing proper training among employees will create competent people to promote in the future.
  • Demonstrating you value your employees enough to invest in their training will lead to greater job satisfaction, improved morale and increased loyalty.

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Will Holland