Six Common Sales Activities You Can Support with Mobile Learning


Have you ever been inside a salesperson’s mobile office? By that, I mean...her car? It’s often full of stuff - sales collateral, contracts and other documentation, product brochures, samples, tchotchkes, and a large binder or three of company- or job-related info she might need to reference at a moment’s notice. You know, one of those things you put together when you’re feeling super organized, then rarely touch ever again.

Let’s clean up that mobile office, and make the sales team smarter and more empowered at the same time. eLearning and mobile performance support puts everything a salesperson might need right at their fingertips. Salespeople have a lot they need to know, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to commit it all to memory. We can now give them a simple way to find new or refresher learning material when they need it most.

Here are just a few common sales activities we can support with mobile learning.

1. Maintaining the CRM: Not every CRM is the most intuitive piece of software, and your company probably has specific guidelines for how it is to be used. Learning software is not always high on salespeople’s priority list, but if they are given quick-reference material to jog their memory on specific tasks, they are more likely to comply, making your customer database cleaner and more up-to-date. Some of these tasks include:

  • Adding new contacts
  • Updating call notes
  • Changing contact status
  • Adding customer service preferences

2. Submitting expense reports and receipts: Not all sales teams are fortunate enough to have a support person to handle this for them. Even if your company has a very systematic approach to submitting and processing expenses, employees could likely use some refresher material on how to complete the process, keeping the books current and avoiding an accumulation of undocumented expenses.

3. Learning new products and product features: A company’s product portfolio is an evolving entity, with updates to features, bug fixes and new product launches happening on the regular. A salesperson needs to be up to speed on these changes, and the quickest way to deliver that information is through eLearning.

4. Negotiating price with potential clients: As a manager, you want your highest-producing reps to feel empowered to negotiate price in order to close a deal … but not at the expense of the bottom line! Give your reps tools they can have on their iPad that review what volume-based price they are allowed to offer prospects, as well as selling the value of your products. Very few companies win by competing on price alone.

5. Target audience research: Marketing and sales departments both conduct target audience research, and it’s important that this information is aligned between the two. Knowledge sharing platforms that are accessible on mobile devices allow everyone to access the same information, and find out about updates as they happen.

6. New-hire orientation and training: When a new rep joins your sales team, they have a lot to learn. Very little of it will be retained if you try to teach it all at once during orientation. Instead, send learning opportunities their way in bite-sized chunks, and make sure they know that this information is available to them anytime for a refresh.

Modern eLearning technology is transforming how salespeople are trained, coached and held accountable for applying what they’ve learned. We no longer need to expect them to retain everything covered during orientation. Knowledge can be reinforced over time and made available in a just-in-time fashion, meaning that the employee has access to the content they need at the exact time they need it.

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Will Holland