How to Gauge Healthcare eLearning Effectiveness


Determining how effective your eLearning program is for your employees is usually pretty simple: Did employees learn or not learn certain concepts? Has job performance improved or not improved? Were employees engaged or not engaged? However, when you’re using eLearning to help your healthcare organization run more smoothly, gauging effectiveness isn’t always as simple as a couple of yes or no questions. 

For starters, your patients probably won’t take too kindly to being quizzed. Luckily, there are other ways to gauge the success of your healthcare eLearning program without putting your patients on the spot. 

5 Indicators Your Healthcare eLearning is Working

  1. Happier Patients. When your patients feel informed and prepared, they’ll be more at ease with their stay in the hospital. Pay attention to patient reactions to your eLearning program to see how it affects their mood and overall approach to their healthcare struggles. 
  2. Improved Patient Compliance. A big reason many patients end up being repeat patients is due to confusion or misinformation over their continuing care. eLearning can help ensure patients have a solid understanding of how to use their new medical devices, perform their therapy exercises and take the proper doses of medications. If you’re seeing less repeat patients due to compliance issues, it’s safe to say your eLearning is making a difference. 
  3. Less Daily Frustration. Communication issues are a common source of frustration among hospital workers. When patients are better informed due to eLearning, healthcare employees won’t have to repeat instructions as frequently or deal with as many repercussions from miscommunications. If your eLearning is working, your hospital will hopefully experience less daily frustration. 
  4. Increased Efficiency. With more knowledgeable patients and staff, the daily operations of your hospital will hopefully run smoother. If you notice increased efficiency in tasks that used to require significantly more time, it might be an indicator your hospital is experiencing positive effects from eLearning.
  5. Positive Feedback. Often, one of the best ways to tell if your eLearning is working is from the positive feedback you hear from the parties involved. Don’t be afraid to ask patients what they think of your training program, and take note of where they see benefits. 

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Will Holland