Finding an eLearning Company


Let’s be honest. Choosing a cutting-edge elearning company involves some old-fashioned research. The good news: we did some of the work for you on what you need to do next when looking to outsource some of your development.

Begin with the goal in mind

Start with the main learning objectives for your organization. Ask your team members to pinpoint the gaps in your current training program. Identify all the future learning requirements. Figure out whether you need a turnkey e-learning program, or assistance with a piece of online training. And always keep your stakeholders in mind. A good e-learning consultant has proven instructional design skills as well as a passion for the adult learner. To have a successful, effective e-learning program that produces the workplace performance results you seek, you need a consultant who will remind everyone about the learner and what the learner needs from the course.

Networking is a great way to learn more about your potential elearning company candidates. Look at the online training tools your peers inside or outside your organization use, and ask them for recommendations. Check the vendor’s current or previous customer list and ask if you can contact them for feedback on their products and service. However, don’t be afraid to look at new and innovative approaches.

Finding the right fit

Start by screening each company over the phone. Try to condense your objectives and ask three or four key questions. Here are some examples of key questions to ask a prospective elearning company:

  • Can you get a demo or samples of the programs?
  • Is there adequate training and support?
  • How does the firm keep up with learning trends?
  • Are results guaranteed?
  • Are there tools for team collaboration?
  • Have they worked with a similar technical set up?
  • Will your firm have a dedicated project manager?
  • What are group sizes for the training programs?
  • How much time do employees require for training?

Then narrow the list down to a few vendors and compare their products and services.

ELearn Magazine suggests whittling the field of potential vendors down to a manageable number (between 3 and 5) and select the best one from that smaller pool. In the final analysis, it may come down to the best price, personality fit or trust level with the particular eLearning company you choose.

Feel like you still need help figuring out the best eLearning solution? Consider scheduling a Needs Assessment. It's a great way to start your search.

Will Holland