Use an eLearning Template to Improve your Online Training Process


We use a process template to help set objectives and manage the process of creating eLearning projects. It's really helpful for our own planning. Here are the basic elements of our template. 


  • Topic and Goal
  • Educational problem to be solved
  • ROI for deploying training
  • Metrics for success
  • Soft or personal objectives (ie: My boss will love me)
  • Process objectives (what the process will be like)

Project Tone & Style

  • Demographics
  • Corporate style limitations or style guides
  • Attitude, visuals, tone

Project Technical Details

  • File format and player technology for final project
  • Screen or document size
  • LMS or hosting requirements
  • Browser types and versions to be supported
  • Bandwidth limitations

Project Outline

  • SME materials
  • Organize content for best learning experience
  • Declutter and remove unnecessary content to meet objectives
  • Final outline goes minimum of two levels deep (Major subjects, key points of each Major)
  • Identify subjects that require further clarification (Key Learning Points)

Key Learning Points

  • Essential learning areas of the program to meet objectives.
  • Determine techniques to illustrate key learning points
    • Case Studies
    • Metaphors and Analogies
    • Examples
    • Testimonials
    • Surveys
    • Quizzes

Then write and develop to the plan. Keep the template as a guide during your design process and refer to it at each milestone and when the project is complete. Want more information on how we work at Expand? Click here.