Developing eLearning for Millennials


Creating good eLearning means knowing your audience—and figuring out a way to engage them. But you may have noticed over the past 10 years some new folks in your organization who don’t follow the old rules.

That’s because a new type of eLearner has emerged, and your development techniques and materials will need to keep up with them if you are going to keep them engaged: the millennials. They are the second largest generation in U.S. history and are much more diverse than previous generations.

They value speed, convenience, flexibility and options. They’re expert at multitasking and expect their services instantly—no waiting in line for millennials. They are digital natives born into an era which digitally provided services are common. Many of you born before the Generation X folks (I’m an early Gen Xer) are digital immigrants—those who learned digital later in life.

Take this quiz to see how millennial you are:

You'll need to adapt your style to the new order in order to reach this key new audience effectively. Here are some key characteristics of millennial eLearners:

  • Nomadic, anytime anywhere communications
  • Learn more through trial and error and experience than traditional models
  • Enjoy (and expect) full motion multimedia
  • Expect social interaction and group learning
  • Short attention spans
  • Love games and interactions

The truth is today's new learners are on the cutting edge of technology. They probably have tech skills beyond the ken of their older teachers. If you want this new learner to be engaged in your eLearning technology, you need to get to know them and adapt your design, style and modes of learning to their needs.

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