Custom eLearning on iPad

The iPad is a nearly perfect training delivery tool. It offers media richness in a compact size, it’s handheld yet large enough for text and complex graphics. It can deliver both on demand standard eLearning programs as well as just in time coaching and mentoring.

But it has some weaknesses from a developer point of view. The biggest shortcoming is that Flash is not supported on the iPad—and most custom elearning programs are developed with Flash as the final output.

HTML5 with Canvas seems like an obvious solution to that problem, but in our experience, HTML5 buttons and interactions are pretty weak on the iPad. There are exceptions, but the standard output from HTML5 tools is just not good enough, especially for first-time users. Buttons are not responsive, page scrolls don’t work, drag and drop is sluggish.

So what are you to do?

The ultimate solution to this problem is to find an iOS developer fluent in eLearning to create or migrate your training program directly to iOS. A native iOS app is smooth, functional and amazingly responsive. If you want the best possible eLearning experience on your iPad, create your own app.

If you're interested, check out ExpandShare's eLearning Services to see how your program can be an epic success.

Will Holland