Custom eLearning Development: Beyond the Course


One of the huge opportunities when looking at custom elearning development is that you can look beyond the boundaries of traditional training, outside the confines of the standard course.

If you do, you’ll get into the realm of non-traditional training--things like performance support, mobile know-how, knowledge management and so on. Add customized integration, and custom elearning can become an overall part of corporate or organizational communications, recruiting and HR, marketing, social media customer education and so on.

In other words, it becomes a blend.

But you’ll need to get connected to the possibilities of a results oriented world, rather than one which is “instruction-centric” or “course-centric”.

Think about this: In the modern operating environment, how much do you really need to know by heart? How much do your employees or team members need to have memorized? Do you really need to know long division in order to be an accountant?

Sure, you should have learned it somewhere along the way, but do you need to have it memorized to do your job on a daily basis? If not, then “training” is not the right venue. Maybe a performance support tool (like a calculator) would be the better option.

Custom elearning development allows companies to think beyond the traditional course and to start building knowledge tools which deliver the results needed--regardless of whether employees “know it by heart”

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Will Holland