Custom eLearning: 5 Reasons It’s Worth the Price Tag


You know the expression you get what you pay for? It’s typically used in response to a disappointed reaction after a money-saving choice. For instance, let’s say you have a burger craving, but can’t bring yourself to pay the $12.99 restaurant price, so you head to the closest fast food restaurant. Sure, you’re only out a few bucks, but did you really satisfy your craving? Probably not. You got what you paid for.

A similar argument can be made for “off the shelf” eLearning programs. There’s no denying they’re cheaper than a custom model, which makes them the training of choice for many companies looking to cut costs. At the time, the choice probably seems sensible. Employees will still get trained and the company saves a little money. Win-win, right? 

Not exactly. All too often, “off the shelf” eLearning programs live up to the you-get-what-you-pay-for mantra. The company is unsatisfied, the training isn’t effective and even more money ends up being spent on a second solution. 

While a custom eLearning program likely involves a higher upfront cost, the benefits can make it well worth the price tag. Before you head for the bargain bin, consider these advantages:

Why You Should Consider Custom eLearning

  1. You’ll get exactly what you want. Just like that unsatisfying fast food burger, an “off the shelf” model will require you to make some concessions. With a custom program, you won’t have to make sacrifices. You’ll get what you want from the very start. 
  2. Your employees aren’t one-size-fits all. You company is unique and so are your employees —shouldn’t your eLearning be as well? A program that is designed to be standardized isn’t likely to fit the specific needs of your company. By going with a custom model, you can ensure your eLearning program fits your specific employees.
  3. You’ll develop an ongoing relationship with an agency. The agency will get to know your company, and you’ll get to know the agency, allowing for better service and online training that works the first time around. 
  4. You won’t waste your time. Rather than settling on a cheaper model that won’t have everything you want, a custom eLearning program keeps you from having to start all over. Since you’ll be involved in the design process, you can make choices that make your online training more effective, minimizing the chance you’ll need to find a new solution when your first choice doesn’t work. 
  5. You’ll get better results. Providing your employees with effective training is an investment in their future performance. However, since training takes time away from work, you want to make sure it’s effective. By choosing a custom program that caters to your company’s needs and personality, you’ll see results that make the process worthwhile.

We’re all for a good deal, but make sure your eLearning program of choice isn’t going to cause you to slap your forehead and mumble, “Well, you get what you pay for.” Investing a little more upfront can save you more than a few bucks—it can save you a headache. 

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Will Holland