Case Study: Using eLearning to Deliver Efficient and Lower Cost Training to More People


In 2013, we met a Director from SDMyers. After a few conversations, we learned that SDMyers was facing a similar problem as many of our clients. They needed to find a way to train more people without spending more time or more money.

The answer lied in converting all of their existing, live training courses to online eLearning courses. Read on to learn more about this real-life case study.

About the Client

SDMyers is a mid-sized Facilities Services company offering industrial organizations the consulting, training and maintenance needed to keep their mission-critical electrical systems in top condition, with emphasis on transformer maintenance and testing. (No, not that kind of transformer…)

A key piece of SDMyers’ business model is training clients on preventative maintenance and asset management to avoid equipment downtime and subsequent revenue losses. They’ve offered training since 1975 and have earned a reputation as an expert and client-focused organization in the industry.

About the Problem

Traditionally, SDMyers offered classroom training sessions in their Ohio facility, which limited client participation, because of both timing and travel costs.  The classes were popular, but expensive and inefficient, and only a portion of clients were able to take advantage of what had become an in-demand service.

SDMyers’ leadership felt they could improve the client training while at the same time gain savings and economies of scale by shifting to an eLearning approach. The question, then, was how. They had many questions, and turned to Expand for instructional design and technology expertise to help them develop the best approach, tone, breakdown of content, delivery methods and how to get more out of each course with tracking and reporting.

How eLearning Solved the Problem

Expand’s team of instructional designers and developers converted much of SDMyers’ live training material into a series of eLearning modules that users can access anywhere they have an Internet connection, on any device.

They can reach more people, and their audience benefits from having the training material at their fingertips without incurring travel expenses and significant time away from work. Training is shorter, more effective, more engaging and less of a drag on resources for all involved.

SDMyers has strengthened their client-focused reputation while realizing significant cost savings.

Watch a quick snapshot of the final product to see just how engaging eLearning, when done right, can be.

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