Can I Use Guerilla Video in Corporate eLearning?


“We are using some instructional videos in our training today, but they are rather poor quality because we are shooting them ourselves.” This was the comment made to me recently by a senior manager tasked with training for his $50 million company. He, like many people I’ve spoken with, feels all corporate training videos should be highly polished and professional.


Expand produces professional custom video content, so you’d think I’d wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. On the contrary, I believe so-called “guerilla” video has a place in corporate training. But before I tell you why, let’s first clarify what guerilla video is.

What is Guerilla Video?

Guerilla video is characterized by low budgets, small crews, limited props and (often) novice actors. Videos are usually shot in just a few takes using minimal amateur equipment. Guerilla video has grown in popularity because it is inexpensive to shoot and easy to edit and distribute. (Think YouTube.)

Guerilla video has proven especially successful in the marketing industry, effectively breaking through big budget clutter to grab attention and get big results. But corporate training isn’t marketing, so how does guerilla video fit in with your training and knowledge sharing goals?

Is There a Place for Guerilla Video in Corporate eLearning?

The objective of any training is to share knowledge that will help employees do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. This can certainly be achieved with a professional video; however, a low-budget guerilla video can also do the trick.

For example, when my dishwasher went kaput, I searched YouTube to see if there were any videos explaining the likely problem and how I could fix it. The videos I found were not high quality, but they were brief, informative and—since I was invested in the topic—engaging. 

Our “YouTube generation” is more interested in a quick and well articulated solution than it is Hollywood-production quality. This can spill over into your corporate training. If you’re training workers how to complete a common repair, for example, the best video to show may be of a fellow worker completing that exact task.

The other great thing about guerilla video is that you can get employees to play a bigger part in their training. Offer a monthly prize to your field team to create a short video that instructs on a best practice or procedure. The video can be shot with a smartphone in the course of their normal daily routine, and the result will be the best technicians and trainers instructing and coaching the rest of the team in the field.

When Should I Use Professional Video?

There are, of course, instances when professional custom video content is more appropriate, such as for a your company’s customer education pieces. If you’ve never used video in your training, it may be useful to first start with a guerilla video, and then monitor usage and feedback to help decide if additional investment in premium production quality is worthwhile. After all, even guerilla video is better than the common alternatives: three-ring binders or no support at all.

Should you decide you need professional custom video content, contact us to discuss your options. We can help you get a better feel for what we can create to help you achieve your corporate training goals.

Will Holland