BYOD: using your own iPad for eLearning


By the end of last year, 500 million smartphones with a retail price of $100 or less were in use worldwide. And they weren’t all for home use—with the ever increasing need for information and communication across the global workforce, most of them are turning to mobile devices. Many are turning to the iPad for eLearning.

And of course these employees are going to use more advanced devices like the Apple iPad and business apps to catapult their productivity. At the same time, many companies and organizations have not kept up with the demand of their employees, and so, in their impatience, these employees have turned to their own devices. The resulting workplace is decidedly BYOD now ... especially in small business. And the trend is growing rapidly in large corporations as well.

Even senior level executives are on board, telling their IT departments to allow employees to access company resources through personal devices. IT departments have voiced their concerns about data security, but the cat seems to be out of the bag.

What does this mean for mlearning? When can you starting using your own iPad for elearning?

Security concerns notwithstanding, it is only a matter of time before organizations will eventually have to open their minds (and networks) to the BYOD movement. Competitive companies simply cannot afford to ignore the demands of their best employees and will have to get a new security strategy in place.

As BYOD gains momentum, we’d probably see a positive effect on mobile learning adoption. Mobile learning will help organizations to leverage the BYOD trend to share training and performance support tools with key employees and partners.

See how your organization can leverage the BYOD movement and share eLearning on iPad and other mobile platforms.

Will Holland