9 Ways to Customize Your Sales Training With ExpandShare


What you sell is unique. Your sales team is unique. Shouldn’t your training be unique, too?

We wouldn’t expect to be able to create training software that fit your company perfectly—that’s why we made ExpandShare so customizable. It’s a learning platform that combines training and knowledge sharing throughout your organization in an interface that’s easy to use. More than just user-friendly, you can make ExpandShare your own.

Curious how? Here’s a sample of how you can customize your sales training:

  • Leverage the power of team-sourced knowledge. When you enable communications within ExpandShare, like Announcements and Q&As, you can give your sales team the ability to interact and share knowledge. This way, your sales team can learn from each other and have the opportunity to share their experiences. But don’t worry—you can still control the conversation with various permission options. 
  • Take advantage of content sharing. You can share images, files, videos and links with your team during training—or even after training—to help them brush up on their skills. Files can even be synced and viewed online on iOS devices. 
  • Create custom checklists. These digital checklists can be used on the job or in the sales field. Use them as learning aids or reminders to your sales team for how to approach each step of the sales process. 
  • Assign eLearning courses. You can assign specific groups or team members to individual eLearning courses or interactive learning modules. This way, you’ll be able to keep on-demand training under your control. 
  • Use assessments to gauge learning. With ExpandShare, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not. You can create custom online quizzes to see how well your sales team understood your training and then check analytics and detailed reports the see the bigger picture. 
  • Track progress. Whether your sales team performs as individuals or in a group, you can keep track of their progress. You’ll be able to tell who has been participating on ExpandShare and who has been viewing what content. Then, you can create custom reports or charts to visualize your findings. Not only is this feature helpful for tracking the progress of your employees, you can also determine what content appears to be the most useful. 
  • Send automatic notifications. Communicate with your sales team through ExpandShare’s automated system that sends notifications on things like new courses, content, submissions and announcements. 
  • Enjoy seamless integration. You don’t have to face all the changes and struggles of a new system at once. Instead, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate ExpandShare with your current learning management system or other business tools. 
  • Create custom online forms. This feature allows you to go paperless when you want to. You can use digital forms for collecting information from your sales team. They can even update from their iPads or iPhones while out in the field.

If you're interested, check out ExpandShare's eLearning Services to see how your program can be an epic success.

Will Holland