3 Questions to Ask When Searching for an eLearning Partner


You’ve already decided interactive eLearning is the right fit for your company. You’ve also come to the realization that your company doesn’t have the time, means or experience to create an effective program in-house, so you’ve decided to outsource. It might seem like the bulk of your big decisions are behind you, but there’s one more big piece to the puzzle: Who should you hire?

There are many choices out there, making it difficult to narrow it down to the best fit for your organization. Rather than getting overwhelmed and choosing the first option you come across, it’s best to take your time and find a partner who understands exactly what you need. 

Where do you start? And how do you know if an eLearning partner is right for you? Here are three big questions to get the ball rolling and help you decide:

  1. Have you created programs similar to what I’m looking for? Can I see examples? Finding a company experienced with the type of eLearning program you’re looking for is essential for getting what you want the first time. If anything, it can show you you’re on the same page and have a strong foundation to build upon. If the company says yes, make sure you ask for examples. This will be helpful to not only ensure the company is being honest with you, but also to see exactly what the team has done in the past. 
  2. Can you describe your development process? When choosing an eLearning partner, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. Knowing how the company develops its programs and what degree of feedback you’ll be able to offer is necessary to establish the working relationship. You don’t want to have any miscommunications about the expectations of the project. 
  3. What ideas do you have for my specific eLearning program? You might have an entire binder full of ideas for developing your eLearning program…or you might be completely lost. Either way, you’ll want to know what ideas your partner will be bringing to the table. The team’s response can also provide good insight into how well they understand you and your organization, as well as how closely your visions align.

Though these three questions are a good place to start, you should feel free to ask as many questions as you need to when searching for an eLearning partner. You can also search for reviews online or use your network to ask for a recommendation. Regardless of how you come to your decision, you want it to be one you feel confident about, so don’t be afraid to be thorough in your research. 

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Will Holland