Why Should I Make eLearning Available on Mobile and Tablet Devices?


Allow us to paint you a picture:

Hard Worker Wally hates taking time off to go to the doctor’s office, but that pain in his back just hasn’t gone away. He reluctantly makes an appointment and crosses his fingers for a short wait time so he can get back to the office. There’s a new eLearning training option he’s eager to complete as soon as he gets back to his computer. Wally watches the clock tick past his scheduled appointment time…10 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes. Impatient, Wally scrolls through his Facebook feed on his smart phone and updates his status on Twitter. He finally beats that level of Angry Birds that he’s been stuck on for weeks. And still, he waits.

Most of us have been in Wally’s situation before. With your busy schedule, a 45-minute wait at the doctor’s office can feel like a colossal waste of time. You can’t help but think there must be a better way to spend your time than aimlessly checking your smartphone.

And yet, research suggests that aimlessly checking your smartphone is something that most of us do up to 150 times a day. Flurry Analytics estimated that smartphone and tablet users spend around two hours a day just in app use. This makes the time wasting potential of waiting on your chronically late doctor almost pale in comparison. 

But what if you gave your employees a better use of their downtime? Let’s look back at Wally’s situation. He knows he needs to complete his online training when he gets back to the office and—with the amount of time his doctor’s appointment is taking up—he might have to stay late to get it all done. Unless his eLearning was available through his mobile devices…

3 Benefits to Mobile and Tablet eLearning

  • Training anywhere, anytime: Your employees won’t have to be tied to a computer chair to complete their training. Instead, they can take advantage of small snippets of time that would usually be wasted on app checking and social media. By giving you employees the option of training on-the-go, you give them the gift of extra time. 
  • Demonstrate flexibility: Show your employees you value their hectic schedules. They’ll be less likely to dread their time spent training if they can do it when and wherever they want. Offering training on mobile devices gives them a choice. 
  • Allow for device preference: In our world that gets more mobile-centric with every passing day, many people are starting to prefer the experience of working with on their smartphone or tablet over computers. Giving the option for employees to complete their training on a mobile device allows for them to make their own device preference.

Let’s take a look at how Wally’s experience in the doctor’s office would have been different if his company offered mobile eLearning training.

Wally checks in at the front desk of his doctor’s office and takes a seat in the waiting room. He’s already been told that his doctor is running behind, but he doesn’t mind. He takes out his smartphone and opens the app for his company’s new eLearning solution. He’s so captivated by his training, he barely notices the amount of time that passes. By the time his name is called, his training is complete.

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Will Holland