Distance Learning ROI: Saving Travel, Time and Money


The Civilian Marksmanship Program educates both youth and adults in the safe and effective use of firearms and also promotes the fun and competitive atmosphere of the sport. CMP hosts national and international competitions and have trained some of the world’s best marksmen. However, they had a huge cost in training their nationwide instructors. A large amount of their budget was being used up for travel costs bringing instructors to either Ohio or Alabama for training and travel that totalled two days.

Their goal was to design and create an interactive training program that captured all the important information usually taught in person at these headquarters and make it available online and on mobile devices. By observing their practices, researching training methods and talking with marksmanship experts, a program was developed that takes less than two hours and achieves the same results without the costs and time associated with the in-person training.

The result: CMP can now offer the same quality of education to their instructors across the country, while saving a significant portion of their budget. The certification test assures that each instructor across the U.S. shares the same knowledge and can pass this on to their students, and is also an easy way for their CMP to learn about their instructors. They’ve both lowered costs and maintained the excellent standards of education and safety they are known for.

"Expand’s innovation and creativity has allowed us to train our staff in ways we never imagined. They took our eight hour training course and condensed it to less than two hours of e-learning and eliminated two days of travel in the process. Not only has it saved us thousands of dollars, but our staff thoroughly enjoys the new training method." Brad Donoho, Program Coordinator, Civilian Marksmanship Program