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Inspections are a critical part of any business that maintains complex equipment or deals with mission critical processes. Accreditations, certifications and licenses that are necessary to remain operational can be lost if inspections are failed.

Managers in charge of a team of field technicians or equipment operators are directly responsible for passing inspections, and that territory comes with a number of potential challenges:

  • Old equipment requires legacy knowledge that might not be shared throughout the organization and is gradually lost as veteran team members leave the company.
  • Procedures are followed inconsistently, which means they are either misunderstood or not taken seriously.
  • Processes are bogged down with paperwork and antiquated processes. There are many paper job aids and checklists that quickly fall out of date. Completed paperwork is lost or stuck in a pile waiting to be entered into a system.
  • Manual processes and data entry create significant lags in reporting and a large margin for human error.
  • The low-tech nature of these procedures creates an inability to monitor employees as closely as desired to avoid issues.
  • Technical jobs have relatively frequent turnover, creating gaps in knowledge between new and experienced team members.

The current system likely doesn’t provide adequate information to diagnose issues, make timely decisions and swiftly make adjustments. It’s difficult to know where the bottlenecks are and how to fix them.

While you may have never considered (or heard of!) a work process or knowledge sharing platform, it is your best operations management tool. Specialized technology can help overcome all of the challenges outlined above by closing knowledge gaps and tracking individual employee activity and performance.

Here is how it works:

  • A platform is custom-built for each organization and accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, from any device.
  • Step-by-step how-to checklists are housed here rather than distributed via paper. Employees access it at their workstation or in the field on a mobile device.
  • The checklist is completed electronically as the employee completes the procedure. The checklist guides  the user through a process while at the same time verfying and tracking completion of the steps.
  • Supplemental content, like job aids, photos and videos, are accessible from within the checklist if an employee needs additional support. Old equipment, infrequently used procedures and new employees no longer pose the problem they once did.
  • Users submit completed checklists electronically, which are then immediately added to a data mine for reporting.
  • Managers use the platform to view custom reports to monitor individual users, teams or entire business units for safety, efficiency, team activity and performance.
  • Checklists help prevent costly errors and reports help managers uncover where problems lie, so they can be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Reports can be compiled in near-real time because there is no manual rekeying of data from a paper checklist. This also reduces the risk of human error.
  • Users can be assigned different levels of access to the platform to view only content relevant to their role, whether checklists or reports

If you're interested, check out ExpandShare's eLearning Services to see how your program can be an epic success.

Will Holland