A Holiday Gift Guide For The Techy Training Pros in Your Life


We’re 23 days away from Christmas, folks. Now, wait, before you start groaning and throwing tomatoes at me, I’m here to help! If you’re in the thick of holiday shopping and have some gifts left to pick up—or maybe want to pass along some ideas for yourself!—allow me to offer some suggestions!

A quick poll of the Expand gang produced the following collection of gift ideas for that techy special someone in your life. Take a gander!

For the Early Adopter

Amazon Echo After first watching Amazon’s promotional video for the Echo, I was immediately reminded of Vicki from Small Wonder. This is essentially like having a robot in your house, minus the walking around and startling the neighbors. Echo recognizes voice and speech so it can answer questions, make lists, play music and more.


Where to Get It: It’s available on Amazon’s website. There is a waiting list and special pricing for Amazon Prime members. $199 regular price, $99 Prime for a limited time.

For the DIYer With an Affinity for Clever Design

USB Outlet One of those great ideas you see on Pinterest, you can upgrade the outlets in your house to include a USB port for charging mobile devices. They sure can take up a lot of outlets!


Where to Get It: This item should be available at most hardware/home improvement stores; we found it at Home Depot for $27.99 each.

For Kids of All Ages

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter With HD 2MP Camera This remote control helicopter (or, for the less informed like myself, quadcopter, meaning there are four propellers) has two settings so it adapts to both amateur and advanced remote pilots. Famous for its precise control and attached HD camera, this is sure to be a hit for all the toy lovers in your life. Just don’t be a creeper and spy on your neighbors.


Where to Get It: Available on Amazon for 65% below retail at time of writing. $64.99 

For the Music Lover

Wireless Headphones The days of spotting music lovers by their white Apple earbuds are numbered, as new, fancier options have flooded the market with great sound quality. Check out some of the wireless options, which you can get either in bud- or on-ear- format. Our Project Manager, Jess, has her eyes on a pair of Beats by Dre!


Where to Get It: Anywhere audio electronics are sold. These Powerbeats2 by Beats by Dre are $199. 

For the Runner

Wireless Sports Headphones: Athletes and gym rats have special needs when it comes to listening to their jams during a workout. Headphones need to be durable and sweatproof, as well as weather-resistant, comfortable and secure.


Where to Get It: Your best bet is to look wherever athletic equipment is sold. We found these Yurbuds Liberty Wireless Earbuds on REI.com for $99.

For the Kids

Anki Drive  Part video game, part remote control car, the Anki Drive Starter Kit gives you a racing track and 2 cars to get started. Download the corresponding app to a compatible device, like an iPhone, and that device becomes a remote control for the cars.


Where to Get It: The Starter Kit can be ordered right from the Anki Drive website for $149.99.

For Grown Ups

iPad Air 2 Apple’s latest iPad model is, of course, thinner, lighter and faster, making it even more convenient and eBook-friendly. It also boasts the best screen resolution, processor and battery than any model before it.


Where to Get It: If you buy it from the Apple store, you can have it engraved on the back for free. Nice to include an email address or phone number in case its ever misplaced and an honest person finds it. Models start at $499. 

For the TV and Film Lover

Google Chromecast The Chromecast looks like a USB storage device, only it connects to the HDMI port on your TV and allows you to send any media from your laptop, tablet or smartphone to your TV screen. Chromecast apps include NetFlix, YouTube, Pandora, HBO Go and more.


Where to Get It: Anywhere small electronics are sold. $35 does not include subscriptions. 

For the Biker/Adventurer

Garmin Edge Bike Computer Much more than a GPS, the Garmin Edge tracks and analyzes data from your rides. It also lets you connect and share with friends, is weather-resistant and has a handy touch screen.


Where to Get It: Anywhere sporting equipment or small electronics are sold, or you can order online from Garmin.com. $599.99 

Will Holland