10 Top eLearning Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was a good year for our eLearning blog. I was curious to dig into the traffic numbers and uncover what posts were the most popular. What topics does our audience most respond to? As is often the case, the most popular posts weren’t necessarily our favorites, making it interesting to study this list every so often.

While interesting that the topics seemed to vary, most notable is the variety in content format - text, infographics and video.

Before we get into the list, let me ask that you leave a comment below letting me know what topics you would most like to see featured on the Expand eLearning Blog? And, if you have a preference, in what format?

Now, without further ado…feel free to grab a cup of coffee and hang out for awhile!

Our 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2014

Why You Can’t Really Train Anyone: The Trainee Hierarchy of Needs
Learning facilitators have to understand trainees' needs in order to create a willingness to learn and the desired audience response. Read more in our most popular post of 2014.

Why eLearning? [Infographic]
This infographic explains why eLearning is the most effective way to train employees and see measurable results.

6 Sales Training Obstacles You Can Conquer with eLearning
It can be difficult to capture a salesperson's attention for training. In this post, we discuss common hurdles in delivering successful sales training.

Why You Should Embrace Visual Learning
Take a look at some of the science behind visual learning to see why it can be beneficial to embrace it in eLearning courses.

Get Rid of Paper Checklists: Use Mobile Performance Support Systems
Converting paper forms and checklists to a mobile format eliminates paperwork, improves reporting accuracy and is easier for employees to use. Stronger performance support leads to greater results.

The Benefits of Using Animation in eLearning
Here are seven big reasons to use animation in your eLearning.

Learning in the Modern Workplace [Infographic]
There is plenty of compelling data to show how eLearning makes content resonate with the modern learner. Check out this infographic.

Live Training vs. eLearning: A Comparison
Can you estimate converting live training into eLearning? Read on to learn our standard guideline.

Why Learning Objectives are Critical (And How To Create a Good One)
If you aren't sure of the objective of your training course, how do you know it was a success? Here, we discuss how to create good learning objectives.

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Will Holland